Just Don’t Dance

It can’t be New Year’s without seeing someone make an ass of himself.  Who’s better at that than Mike Love?  This begins as a funny/sad skit, but the real comedy begins at  2:27 with 70’s footage of Love trying to preen and prance around like Mick Jagger. He also apparently hit a Goodwill dumpster trying to copy Mick’s look.  Jesus.

People who shouldn’t dance (I’m one) should know better by the time they reach adulthood.  The most blessed of us never really wanted to anyway.  I get that singers feel awkward just standing there.  Fine, but if they can’t dance, give them a prop guitar.  I’m guessing the other Beach Boys preferred letting him make a fool of himself to arguing with an asshole.

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  1. Same, I don’t really want to dance. And I would have to be better to achieve the minimal standard of “dancing like your creepy uncle since 1961.”

  2. Not going to comment on the dancing. Real men just do Karate.

    Is that Brian playing the bass in that live show? Love is the world’s biggest douche. Ever in any medium or genre.

    Also, that water had to be ridiculously cold. I’m surprised Wilson didn’t have a heart attack. Is that where the Annie Leibovitz photo came from?

  3. Brian quit performing with them back in the 60’s, so not him on bass. He was in no shape to perform during the 70’s anyway. Here’s a typical tale from that period, told by Alice Cooper:

    From here on in we’ll let Alice Cooper tell the story: “I was sitting backstage after the 1974 Grammys with Bernie Taupin (Elton John’s lyricist) and John Lennon. This was when Brian was really having some mental issues. During the course of the conversation, I kept seeing Brian out of the corner of my eye, just kind of staring at us from different angles.”

    Finally, he came up to the table, bent down and whispered in my ear ‘Hey Alice, introduce me to John Lennon.’ I couldn’t BELIEVE that these two men had never met! They were virtually neck and neck in the 60’s as the greatest bands on the planet, and I’m SURE they must have crossed paths at some point. But then I thought to myself, ‘Wow, if they REALLY have never met, I’m going to be the one to introduce them and become a part of rock history!’”

    “So I merely said, ‘Brian Wilson, this is John Lennon. John Lennon, this is Brian Wilson.’ Lennon was very cordial and polite, saying things like ‘Hello Brian, I’ve always wanted to meet you. I’ve always admired your work, and Paul and I considered Pet Sounds one of the best albums ever made.’ Brian thanked him and walked away, at which point Lennon went right back to his conversation like nothing had happened.”

    “About ten minutes later, Brian came by our table again, leaned down and whispered something to Bernie, and all of a sudden, Bernie was saying ‘Brian Wilson, this is John Lennon. John Lennon, Brian Wilson.’ Lennon was just as cordial and polite as the first time, saying essentially the same thing about always wanting to meet him. As soon as Brian walked away, John looked at both of us and casually said in his typical Liverpudlian accent, ‘I’ve met him hundreds of times. He’s not well, you know.’

  4. Fantastic tale, one I’ve never heard. The Aykroyd-Belushi bathrobe-era Wilson skit was new to me too.

    Fat Elvis is right: that DOES kinda look like Brian on bass. Who is it?

  5. No idea who that is. Looks too short for Brian, and Brian was more, um, portly by that point. Also, Brian plucked with his thumb with his hand near the neck. This guy’s using a pick and picks near the bridge (as pickers usually do).

    It’s also not Bruce Johnston, who replaced Brian in the touring band. Looks nothing like him, and I think Bruce had quit by then anyway. Maybe they were using temps by that point.

    Fun fact: Brian’s initial touring replacement was Glen Campbell, who eased out as his star ascended.

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