Cribs… Cramps Edition

This is kinda cool. It’s an interview with Poison Ivy and Lux Interior at their, well, interior. I don’t think I’ve ever heard Lux speak, but I was a little disappointed when it wasn’t in that rockabilly voice. He was one of a kind for sure…

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  1. Lux was a character. The Cramps were in Memphis quite a bit in the late 70’s, as they recorded Gravest Hits and Songs The Lord Taught Us here with Alex Chilton producing. One of my bands played a gig with them at the outdoor ampitheater at Rhodes College (then called Southwestern). Our part went ok, but when the Cramps played, people (mostly frat guys) started throwing beer cans, garbage, etc. at them. They seemed to enjoy that, but they didn’t play any more gigs here during that time.

    My main memory of Lux involves a dead duck. One evening my girlfriend and I were picking up a friend of hers at the home of her parents, who were away. Wating for her to get ready, I went to the fridge to look for a beer and found a few dead ducks. The man of the house had been hunting. Being young, stupid, and already half drunk, I took one of the ducks with us. We went to a gathering where Alex, Lux, and other Cramps were, among many others. It happened to be Alex’s birthday, so I gave him the dead duck as a joke. (His response was typical: he deadpanned “a dead duck…”. ) At some point Lux and I started throwing the duck at each other. Some others joined in, and we were asked to leave by a traumatized hostess. The Cramps took the duck. God knows what they did with it.

    On another occasion, Lux invited me and my girlfriend to join them later for “wrestling.” Not eager to learn what exactly that entailed, we declined. I’m pretty sure my girlfriend was the main interest there. She was pretty easy on the eye, if nothing else.

    I agree 100% with Lux’s opinion that respectability is poison to rock’n’roll. It’s why I can’t stand the idea of awards or a Hall of Fame.

  2. A story like this is the content here that keeps me coming back for more. So cool that you got to hang out with him and toss dead ducks around…

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