Bob Mehr Talks Replacements

This seems up our alley.

The music podcast that delivers the objective truth about the entire discography of every artist and band that ever existed. They review everything so you can just skip to the good stuff. Hosted by Dave Gebroe and Joe Kennedy.

Joe and Dave welcome Replacements biographer Bob Mehr to discuss the oeuvre of the band and the forces that shaped them into greatness. Bob and the hosts go in-depth on the first four Replacements albums and the other essential live and demo material that makes up their creative arc.

  • Official curated playlist by Joe and Dave on Spotify
  • Excellent multi-camera footage of the early ‘Mats blowing up the tiny stage at 7th Street Entry in 1981
  • Hootenanny-era performance of “Color Me Impressed,” on tour opening for X in 1983
  • The making of Bob Mehr’s definitive bio of The Replacements

Check it out here, you dirty bastards.

4 Replies to “Bob Mehr Talks Replacements”

  1. Somehow it’s not up on the Apple podcasts yet so I’ll have to enjoy the anticipation. In the meantime I may check out PJ Harvey or The Raincoats.

    I feel comforted in knowing that every episode is the objective truth.
    Podcasts should all make bold epistemological claims.

    Also they better not deconstruct the magic too much or I will file under
    “Teaching Ten Thousand Stars Not To Dance.”

  2. Haven’t listened yet, but I can’t help but like someone who presents opinion as objective truth, unless that someone is a salesman, politician, or cable news commentator.

    What doesn’t sit well with me is “they review everything so you can just skip to the good stuff.” Nope. Listen to everything and decide for yourself about “the good stuff.” Get to know the music, then listen to the podcast. The most meaningful discoveries are the ones you make on your own. Anyway, there are too many people spouting received opinions, even (especially?) journalists.

    1. I think that last part is just schtick. I’ve listened to two episodes and they don’t really discourage anybody from listening to anything.

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