7 Replies to “Oops”

  1. Really dumb move by Gretsch. It’s a good bass that would have sold just fine without fake claims. Many people buying at that price point don’t care that much about the pickups. The ones who do care will find out. Nothing gets past guitar nerds, and they will flay you online and tank your sales if you make a habit of lies or sloppy QC (Gibson).

    Why did you sell yours?

    1. Compared to my Mexican Mustang (which I LOVE), it just felt like a plonky toy. Loved its looks, though. A friend’s teenaged son decided he wanted to learn how to play bass so it found a good home pretty quickly.

  2. Yes, why did you sell yours? Also, how did they not get called out on that way sooner?

    How bad are active pick-ups on a bass?

    1. Both my Music Man StingRay and Fender Jazz are active. I like ’em fine, but changing the batteries can be a pain in the ass.

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