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  1. They’ve been around a while. Their female singer, Amy LeVere, has been a fixture on the local scene for many years. Never seen them. I don’t get out much.

  2. I’m reading between the lines and taking that as rock star speak for “she was part of the trail of broken hearts Renfield left in a long musical journey through the Mississippi River Valley.”

  3. Nope, not I. Anyway, my journey was not long. It began late in high school and ended during my last (delayed) year of college.

    More likely a notch on the pistol grip of our other local heart-breaking bass player.

  4. Is John Paul Keith in both of those? I’m confused. Happens a lot. I remember Amy LeVere from Austin. Again…..

    1. He’s actually from Knoxville but we accept him as our own. He’s the best four foot tall songwriter in town!

      1. Seriously though, he was in a Knoxville power-pop band that got fuuuuuuuuucked by Sire back in the late 90s. Locked ’em up in a six album deal and then refused to release anything. The Nevers turned out to be a pretty fucking appropriate name.

        From Amazon, of all places …

        John Paul Keith’s (vocals/guitar) together with guitarist Rick Tiller, bassist Paul Noe, and drummer David Jenkins, the Nevers hit the scene of Knoxville, TN, much to the surprise of the good ‘ole country folk who made up the population of this city. Sire Records was pleased to hear something other than a slide guitars or whisky soaked ballads coming from this city, resulting in the release of the Nevers self-titled debut in 1999. Producers Andy Paley (who has been at the helm of projects by Brian Wilson and Jerry Lee Lewis) and Joe Blaney (who has turned the knobs for The Clash, Prince and Keith Richards) captured the band at its raw best. The Nevers was cut mostly live in a New York City recording studio with few overdubs, putting nothing on disc the band couldn’t reproduce in its live shows. “Do it with soul or don’t do it at all,” Keith pleads on the album’s 12th track. Here, he and his bandmates take the advice to heart. TRACKS: 1) Twice as Gone 2) Little Black Dress 3) One I Want 4) Gone For Good 5) Up All Night 6) Every Inch of You 7) Sweet Thing 8) Five Star Heartache 9) Where the Night Runs out 10) Saturday Night Forever 11) No Such Thing As You 12) Do It With Soul 13) Veritcal Frown

          1. As for “Meet Me on the Corner,” I hate to nitpick (an obvious lie: I love to), but here goes. I like the song, but I must take exception with “meet me on the corner/far away from the light.” A corner is usually the best lit part of a street, perhaps the worst place to prosecute a clandestine affair this side of a mall food court (unless it’s one of Makerbot’s abandoned ones). But then Dark End of the Street, a Memphis classic, was already taken. Maybe they were paying homage.

  5. I’m here for Renfield’s granular takedown of all confusing scene-setting by modern recording artists.

    *unironically sings misquoted Beach Boys to self*

    when something comes up to me he don’t even try
    cause it’s the fattest set of wings man i know she could fly
    she’s my little Froot Loop
    you don’t know what I got

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