4 Replies to “Jagged”

  1. Sounds good. Heard of them but had never heard them.

    Interesting that the bass player seems to be picking with thumb only. Common in the 50’s-60’s but mostly died out during the 70’s and beyond.

    Reminds me I need to get some bottle-rockets for the 4th.

  2. I have somehow never seen them live, though have loved them for a long time.

    Ren, have I ever told you that the Bottle Rockets played their last ever show at my house? Yeah, I thought I did.

  3. Yeah. They did this Outlaw Country Cruise, and stopped in and played an acoustic show in my living room. Some company set it all up. They did it twice. They had shows lined up after the second one, but covid hit, and Brian the singer / writer said the hell with it and broke up the band.

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