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  1. I haven’t seen any Zombie productions. The theme song might be the only redeeming feature of this preview.

    It makes me think of Al “Grandpa Munster” Lewis, who was a late night New York City TV fixture in the 90’s. Always selling something. Like 1-900-Junior-Vampires.

    He’s a fun deep dive, as he lied about his age to get work, then made up a story about earning a Ph.D.
    He got enough votes as the Green Party candidate for governor of New York in 1998 to keep the party on the ballot for a few years afterward.

  2. I watched that the other day and thought maybe it was parody, but apparently it’s real. I couldn’t imagine trying to sit through that whole movie.

    The Munster’s pinball machine that came out a couple of years ago, however, is a blast.

    Also, Eddie and the Monsters:


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