Ich Bin Ein Nerd

I could easily spend a week in Adam Savage’s studio.

Niko and Wren travel to San Francisco to meet with Adam Savage and learn all about his vast collection of hand-made props, costumes, and other pieces of cinema and television history.

6 Replies to “Ich Bin Ein Nerd”

  1. Cool.

    There’s a man on my street who makes elaborate, creepy masks. I’ve never actually seen him; I only know of him because Mrs. Renfield once had lunch with his wife. Their house is very cool on Halloween. Although I’ve never seen him, he must come out because he works at the same company as Makerbot.

    By the way, I know at least a few hundred people who work at Makerbot’s company, but none claim to know any of the others. Or [begin creepy music] maybe they just won’t or can’t acknowledge each other. And at least one could be a master of making disguises. Hmmm…

  2. I have a cousin that’s a pilot for that company. I said I know a guy who makes the training videos and he said Fuck that guy.

  3. I heard that most of his company is automated at this point. Y’all are probably interacting with bots. Makerbot is one of the few carbon blobs that they keep around for appearances, or tradition, or just plain inertia.

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