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  1. That’s a Reloop RP-7000, a “German” (i.e. made in Taiwan for a German company) knock-off of the legendary Technics SL-1200 “wheel of steel.” Last time I was in the market, I wanted an SL-1200, but they’d been discontinued, and good used ones (“good” meaning not beaten up by DJ’s) were going for more than new Reloops. I’ve been happy with the Reloop; it’s built like a tank and speed is very stable, which is why I wanted an SL-1200. Technics (i.e Panasonic) started making SL-1200’s again recently but at an insane price.

    SL-1200’s have an interesting story. They first came out in the early 70’s. They were intended for home audio, but their insane stability, reliability and robustness resulted in club installations. It’s said that many of those early models are still spinning in the same clubs. I struggle to think of a club that’s been around that long, but I have no doubt that many of those models are still working somewhere. At some point DJ’s discovered that they could take a beating like nothing else. They kept spinning with extreme accuracy of speed no matter how many times they were moved, abused, etc. So they became the default turntables for DJ’s, which over time earned 1200’s disrespect from audiophile snobs. Ridiculous. Easily the best mass-produced turntable ever made, along with some Denons of that era. And likely better than than all limited-production tables except for Technics SP-10’s which were made in more limited quantities for radio stations.

    The SL-1200’s first run lasted 40 years–pretty amazing.

  2. That is a nice rig, and also a fantastic record. I have played it several times since it arrived in my mailbox late last week. Not a weak song on it. I’m in the market for a new turntable….Hmmmm……

  3. The internal pre-amp isn’t very good. I too was hoping to use it, but sound is way better bypassing it for an external one. Not the result I wanted, but the pre-amp I’m using didn’t cost that much for that kind of thing ($65). Beyond that, the table’s great.

    That said, phono preamps can vary by what cartridge you’re using. The internal one adds too much capacitance for mine. That might not be your situation.

    Audio Technica makes some good SL-1200 copies for less than the Reloops, but the bases are plastic. That might not bother a sensible person, which I’m clearly not. They’re likely made in the same factory as the Reloops, and also have internal preamps.

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