Nice Song Ray

When you’re ignorant, everything is new and exciting.

I had no idea that Mr Davies wrote this tune until I learned it in the episode of Waterloo Sunset, which just dropped. It’s awesome.
As are the Pretenders live in London.

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  1. That’s a fascinating episode that contains a bit of a spoiler that I won’t reveal, but he made a very compelling argument for it.

  2. “Stop Your Sobbing” is a rare case of a cover being better than the original, in my opinion. And I’m a Kinks worshipper. Looking forward to that episode.

  3. Fascinating spoiler. And there’s another regarding a melodic connection with an earlier tune. There’s never proof in those connections, but I love finding them, and I love hearing others play that game. Great series.

    Also check out the most recent one on ” I Was Made to Love Her.” Required listening for any bass player. But there’s way more to the song than the inventive bass line. Inexplicably, there’s no mention of the addictive riff, which seems to use a guitar, an electric sitar, and a celesta. Whoever came up with that combination is a genuis.

    1. I don’t have an opinion on the Rasa hypothesis. Like FE said, he makes a strong case, and it’s all very interesting. But without some inside information, who knows?

      As for Grofe, that’s a game I love playing, but again, it’s all just speculation. That type of melody doesn’t seem uncommon in older jazz/swing tunes, so he could have picked it up elsewhere.

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