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  1. I don’t think I want to know the words to Rocket Man, as I prefer my own awkward pauses and mumbles

    Rocket Man, bunnin owm-a-toos-uhp-hear-hallooo

    Also, I was glad to see “Handle With Care” in the Stem Library.
    It was established – or at least proposed -at the recent Bastard Summit in Nashville, that the changeover from the sublime Roy Orbison to uh, Bob Dylan at precisely 00:50 on that isolated vocal track, is possibly the most jarring transition in Western music.
    (Yoko tunes excepted, presumably)

  2. Wait, are those the real lyrics? Or what you sang in your head?

    If those are the real ones, we’re going to need the Makerbot version too.

    1. Those are real, and I guess I never tried to fill in the gaps in my head. Much like, “So why on earth would I moan, ’cause when I get you alone,” I probably just hum through the parts I can’t decipher.

  3. Renfield Jr. has been buying early 70’s Elton John lately, and I’d forgotten just how good some of those records are. He was very good live as well.

    This could be a Michael Stipe situation. When asked about R.E.M.’s unitelligible lyrics, he famously said something like, “just make up your own; they’ll probably be better.”

  4. I hope you realize that Mike Love is very disappointed with all of you.
    It’s important to enunciate your profound lyrics.

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