I’m Thankful For This

Favorite YouTube comments …

I never thought angels would need us to pray for them

Inspirational. Being late 40’s, even 50 has yet to stop Corey in his career as a child star.

As a single working class parent through all my struggles trials and tribulations sometimes it’s hard to even feel human and even as the cost of living is going up suffocating me this song some how gives me the strength to get up in the morning and turn the today show OFF

I wish I had this kind of confidence in my life

4 Replies to “I’m Thankful For This”

  1. I actually saw this shitwreck live a couple of years ago. There was a club in Pigville that would sell a season pass, and with that pass you got into every show for free, sold out or not. I went out of curiosity. Only made it about 15 minutes in. It was painful.

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