I Like It!

We’re playing with these guys in March at DKDC. Listening to Cathedral Ceilings’s’s new album on Spotify, I’m getting notes of fIREHOSE, early Soul Asylum, some Husker Du, and for this song, somebody I can’t put my finger on. Maybe you bastards can help.

3 Replies to “I Like It!”

  1. Any band that writes a song called “Bonfire of the Manatees” is miles beyond the rest of us, and defies easy categorization.

    1. Never heard of ’em, but I checked it out, and musically, they tick the box for sure! (And thanks for the new-to-me music.) It hit me a second ago who the vocals remind me of, which was the part driving me crazy. The lead singer sounds a lot like the guy from Manic Street Preachers. Thank you Jebus, I can sleep tonight …

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