The Latest AI Wonders

Star Wars by Wes Anderson …

And Paul McCartney singing “Caroline No.”

I’m both delighted and terrified.

2 Replies to “The Latest AI Wonders”

  1. The Wes Anderson one, I have to admit, was pretty great. The Beach Boys one didn’t sound like much other than someone else singing the song, but I can’t wait for Mike Love to sue them nonetheless.

  2. Jeff Goldblum lolz.

    It’s something to behold, this online proliferation of uncanny valley output. I’ve been mentally begging Jack White for ten years to cover “Helter Skelter.” Maybe now some overworked technoplebe will bring it into existence, with or without the consent of Jackula.

    In the meantime, I’ve found a few good ones. I liked McCartney Yellow Brick Road.

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