Get Happy

If you haven’t played through this whole album lately, do yourself a favor.  I have no foul moods that this album won’t dissipate before turning me into a grinning idiot.  I find “Dracula’s Daughter” (and many others) addictive,  but it’s a bit uncharacteristic; the rest of the album rocks like fuck.  When I finally got around to buying a copy a couple of years ago, it had a sticker that said “10 Brand-New Songs Scientifically Designed To Make Anybody Happy.”  Rare case of marketing matching the product.

5 Replies to “Get Happy”

  1. Incredibly, this was their first record in 15 years! Lightning in a bottle, for sure. I was hooked the first time I heard “Stay Away from Downtown.”

    1. That same song hooked me at first, but take your pick. An almost perfect record. I was streaming it around the time we saw them, but sort of forgot about it for a few years. Saw a copy while browsing in a record store in Durham area and snapped it up.

      There’s a lot to be said for not making an album until you have a lot of great songs.

  2. That’s always a fun one to come back to. I hope the documentary about them makes its way to somewhere I can see it.

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