Love me a solid rhythm section that’s nothing fancy but still brings that shit. Bonus points for that poor bass player’s back holding up that Thunderbird.

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  1. I played a borrowed Thunderbird bass for one gig, and for me the problem wasn’t so much the total weight but the top-heaviness. If I took my hand off the neck for a millisecond, the headstock took a dive for the floor. It was an annoying experience that I never cared to repeat. A heavier bass was the somewhat rare Les Paul “studio” Bass. I once used one of those too. It felt like solid concrete but was easier to play because the weight was in the body. Your core bore the weight as opposed to your forearm. Beyond that I found it too fiddly.

    I haven’t listened in years, but I’m pretty sure I thought that the Breeders’ albums were more consistent than those of the Pixies.

  2. I didn’t realize bassing was so dangerous.

    Top end Pixies AND Breeders are sublime to me. I guess I care more about that than consistency. It certainly explains my deep affinity for GBV.

    If I had to pick best albums of the groups, I bet I’m like everybody else here: my first two would be Pod and Last Splash.

  3. I’m guessing aging bassists have more tendonitis, arthritis, etc. than many musicians due to the neck sizes of some basses. Especially p basses and Makerbot’s MM Stingray. Like tree trunks.

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