Memphis Is Your Vinyl Destination…

…if you want to pay $10 for a K-tel compilation, $34 for an unplayable Monkees album, and $45 for a water-damaged The Wall. And that Leif Garrett album you’ve been jonesin’ for, only $14. Those are just a few of the amazing finds in this video.


As someone who lived in NYC for over a decade, I can relate.

Just Think of Our *Cough* Reputation

Lest anyone lament that we’re losing our perch as the – I don’t know, Vienna of the South – Nashville city leaders are suddenly concerned about the bachelorette parties and pedal wagons.

I’ll let you know when our understated dignity is restore—


Gacked On Anger

I’m stressed on tick
I’m stressed on tick
I’m stressed on tick
‘Cause I’m gacked on anger

Separated by a common language, Australian style.