5 Replies to “Memphis Is Your Vinyl Destination…”

  1. Does the vinyl ecosystem obey typical laws of supply and demand?
    Like, are people lining up to pay for this trash?

    Seriously, though, one of you Memphians needs to buy me that Hanky Panky Doors release.

  2. People are paying way too much for new vinyl re-issues that claim to have audible advantages like all-analog sources (they often aren’t really all-analog, and my experience is that all-analog hardly sounds better). But it’s hard to imagine anyone paying those asking prices for used records that bad. I guess they’re counting on young and inexperienced buyers.

  3. I can’t resist looking at vinyl at antique malls or anywhere else it may be stacked or boxed, and they’re notoriously bad in their condition and pricing. I think they google the record, find the most expensive one they can find, then mark up for retail.

  4. And the beat goes on: young Renfield has asked for a record player for his birthday. It will come with mandatory record store bullshit-detection training.

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