Just Think of Our *Cough* Reputation

Lest anyone lament that we’re losing our perch as the – I don’t know, Vienna of the South – Nashville city leaders are suddenly concerned about the bachelorette parties and pedal wagons.

I’ll let you know when our understated dignity is restore—


2 Replies to “Just Think of Our *Cough* Reputation”

  1. Down here in the Florence of the south, in the 30’s or 40’s Mayor Crump shut down our infamous cathouses. In the 80′-90’s, authorities managed to marginalize our notorious strip clubs and force them into the peripheries. (One pesky one remained a national draw well into the early 2000’s, mostly because it was a favorite of horny law enforcement. But it went too far and was shut down.)

    All of that worked, as Memphis is now a pinnacle of civilization.

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