Eggleston and Big Star

I was fashionably late to both the Big Star and the William Eggleston party, but at least I made it. Here’s some really cool images from way back when. As a music aficionado who has a penchant for all things single lens reflect, this is right up my alley. Click here for more Memphis goodness.

Apologies if y’all have seen these before, I’m still learning about the epic times in Memphis back in the day.

Sam Phillips and the Memphis Recording Service


I’m almost finished, after almost two years of picking up and putting down, Peter Guralnick’s fantastic and expansive biography of Sam Phillips. Towards the end of his life, he received a lot of accolades, and was given a lot of bio / retrospective treatments. Guralnick had a lot of praise for the one above, the Kitchen Sister’s Lost & Found Sound episode that deals with his early recording career, as opposed to his record company career. See also 2 episodes on Sam’s all woman radio station WHER. He was a fascinating dude.