Andy Kaufman’s Helpful Hints

Renfield and I caught the new Kaufman documentary at the Indie Memphis Film Festival yesterday, which of course sent me down the YouTube rabbit hole later. These clips are not in the movie, but a good sampling of some of the things he did to enrage the locals during his Memphis wrasslin heel stint in 1982. Hilarious.

The guy they keep cutting back to is Dave Brown, weatherman and co-host (along with Lance Russell) of the local wrestling program on our NBC affiliate.

3 Replies to “Andy Kaufman’s Helpful Hints”

  1. I’ll field this one (I’m a northerner):

    Go out to the still behind your barn. Grab two mason jars of moonshine. Give them to Delbert when he makes his weekly rounds, and tell him you want “the sudsy bar” and “preacher’s breath.”

    He should hook you up.

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