These Guys Are Doing Gonerfest Saturday

Guys who can play – pretending they can’t – while dressed as monsters is fucking genius.

The Mummies are an American garage punk band formed in San Bruno, California, in 1988. Exhibiting a defiantly raw and lo-fi sound, dubbed “budget rock”, the Mummies’ rebellious attitude and distinctive performance costumes exerted a major influence on garage punk and garage rock revival acts later in the decade, as well as in the 1990s. Their recorded output was intentionally completed with poor, cheap equipment, including their first and only studio album Never Been Caught, which was released after the group’s initial break-up. Since then, the Mummies have engaged in several positively-received reunion concerts and tours, including appearances in Europe and the US sporadically through to recent years. The band is currently working on a movie.

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      1. Lady Renfield will be out of town, so young Squire Renfield and I could make a gentemen’s outing of it. Day passes are sold out, but a few door tickets will be available. Dunno, as headliners they might go on too far past my coffin time.

  1. Mmmmm ….. Pleasure Seekers, nice!

    These fine mummies are forerunners of local undead band Zombie Bazooka Patrol, whose youtube videos are suboptimal but whose songs can be kick-ass in a psychobilly sorta way.

  2. I really wanted to make it over, but it sold out pretty quick, as it did the last time they played. Wasn’t What a Way to Die on Nuggets? The Mummies are great. There’s another band out of Nashville (I think) called Here Comes the Mummies, but they’re not nearly as fun.

  3. It wasn’t on the old Nuggets lps or the expanded CD set from the 90’s. It might have been on one of the Girls in the Garage compilations , but I’m not sure.

  4. That’s been bugging me too, becuase I can’t remember where I first heard it. Last night I checked the two Girls in the Garage lps I own (I think Volumes 4 & 7), and it’s not on either of those. But I’ve heard it on some compilation somewhere, maybe one someone taped for me back in the day. Argh…

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