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  1. Wow, I never knew that.

    You never hear much about the Grass Roots anymore, but they regularly made the charts for around six to eight years, which was an eternity back then. Bands disappeared unless they could release a hit every six months to a year. Things changed so fast (a mere five years between Please Please Me and the White Album), but the Grass Roots maintained a stable hit formula throughout.

    Fun Fact: Love’s original name was The Grass Roots. They had to change it for obvious reasons.

  2. I never got into the American Office but apparently he plays a fictionalized version of himself.

    In a deleted scene from the episode “Booze Cruise”, he speaks about his time with the Grass Roots. In Season 3 Episode 10 “A Benihana Christmas”, Creed sings a karaoke rendition of his song “Spinnin’ N Reelin'” during the Christmas party. In the episode “Money”, he says “he never goes bankrupt”, as all his debt “is always transferred to William Charles Schneider” (which is his birth name), while holding an allegedly fake passport on camera. In the series finale, his character is revealed to be a part of Grass Roots, and was arrested after being a wanted fugitive living at the Dunder Mifflin office. This episode also features Bratton performing his song “All the Faces”.

    Also, Creed Bratton is about the most rock ‘n’ roll name you can have, although I used to work with someone named Lana Luster.

  3. I’m going to need some sort of documentation on “Lana Luster.” Pretty sure that’s a Marvel character you’re confusing with a real person.

    The Office is kind of the Seinfeld cultural touchstone for the generation right behind us. And for me, similar: if it’s on, no matter the episode, it’s easy to sink right in.

    I’m surprised you haven’t gotten into it. It’s High Cringe, like Curb.
    La senora Monkeystadora no le gusta, but it’s pure dopamine to this bastard.

    1. I’m a British Office purist, and cast a pretty skeptical eye from the get-go. Unfortunately, I caught an early episode that was a word-for-word copy of a British episode, and that did it for me. But my daughter LOVES it.

  4. Your daughter has excellent taste.

    I watched the Gervais show first and had similar reservations.
    I’m reminded of the “Ozark is Jason Bateman’s Breaking Bad cover band” sentiment.

    But The Office won me over and I can’t even remember the word-for-word episode(s). It evolved into its own thing. Michael Scott is not David Brent.
    Dwight Schrute is more Dwight Schrute than Gareth was ever Gareth.

    I envy you, Makerbot. The Dinner Party, The Alliance, Scott’s Tots, The Christmas Party … all of these great episodes, worth the investment in the show, if you end up watching it.

    The Ringer did a fun “Best TV Characters of the 21st Century” tournament and Michael Scott came out on top. I was a bit surprised, but it was only a quibble. This was two or three years ago, and the final rounds (with Tony Soprano, Walter White, Omar Little, etc) were pretty much whom you would expect.

  5. Yeah, American Office really got good for a few years. It didn’t end so well (see also: Seinfeld), but it had some phenomenal episodes. Parkour!

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