What’s In The Bag…

Here’s a new way to lose track of time and waste hours. What’s in your bag is a series of videos on You Tube where your favorite artist runs around Amoeba records and fills up a bag with their favorite music/dvds, and then tells you about why the picked whatever they selected. It’s been a nice go-to for finding new music, and a great way to waste hours without even realizing it. Here’s a few to get you started. They’re only a few minutes long…

4 Replies to “What’s In The Bag…”

  1. 1.) Steve Selvidge shout out!

    2.) Damn, there’s a lot of great music out there I’ve never heard.

    3.) Who’s the old homeless guy?

    1. I didn’t know about that one , but there are some absolutely killer demos he produced for the first Bash & Pop record.

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