4 Replies to “Sex Pistols Biopic”

  1. Yeah, no thanks.

    The only musical biopics I’ve liked were Amadeus and The Buddy Holly Story.

    I’d much rather watch grainy archival never-seen-by-me footage of the Ramones in a basement, and a few Steve Jones interviews, than a sanitized semi-recognizable dramatization based on true events.

  2. Good point: it’s hard to work up much interest for something like this when you can see clips of the real thing on YouTube. Still, I’ll be interested to see what they come up with. They can’t exactly go the Bohemian Rhapsody route and roll out the creaky old struggle-fame-failure-redemption contraption.

    The problem here, as always, is they can’t make money pleasing people like us. Their target audience consists of boomers who in 1977 were into the Eagles, X-ers who heard about them via grunge and know a song or two, and millenials who like to wear Docs. As I write there is probably a meeting happening between the script writers and the executive producer. EP: “Who the fuck is this Glen guy? Write him out! I want that guy with the spikey hair and dog collar, you know, Sid Nasty!”

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