That Suit Is You

Whatever you may think of these grand-daddies of prog rock (in the unlikely event you’ve thought of them at all), most would agree that these are some of the goofiest stage clothes this side of Angus Young and Gilbert O’Sullivan’s schoolboy suits.  Looks like they were going for a Sherwood Forest vibe.

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  1. Thanks, for some reason seeing them in black & white made me think those suits would all be green. Turns out Matthew Fisher’s the only one who could pass for Robin Hood. The rest look sort of like a cartoon version of early Pink Floyd.

  2. I like this song.

    I always forget what Procol Harum means, and then look it up and remember that it’s someone’s cat. But who names their cat Procul Harum?

    One of you educated bastards should Latinsplain it to me.

  3. Yeah, that song is one of their good ones. Check out the studio version if you haven’t heard it, it’s better played. As for the name, it makes no sense in Latin. Translates as “far of these” and procol should be spelled procul.

  4. Thanks you knowledge-person!
    I need to figure out how to claim continuing education credits from Central Bastard University.

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