5 Replies to “Shit”

  1. Expecting more Cars luv on this blerg.

    Didn’t anyone else have the “Holy Shit! Side 2 is as good as Side 1” revelation on that first album? I think that’s where I started to become a music snob.

  2. I never realized he wrote the songs Orr sang as well. Also, did anyone ever listen to any of his solo records? I remember listening to Beatitude when it came out, but not much else. His production legacy is amazing as well. People took the Cars for granted because they had hits, but those records stand up really well. Sorry, late to the party.

  3. Good point about taking them for granted. Their hits became such a part of the landscape that you quit noticing how good they were. At some point in the late 90’s, Mrs. Renfield picked up a Cars greatest hits CD, and I was jolted. I’d been very familiar with their first few albums back in the day and had literally forgotten how good they were.

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