The Long One

This is worth a look.

The Beatles’ swansong, “Abbey Road,” just hit #1 on the charts again… 50 years after its release! One major reason this album has become a cultural treasure is the beautiful “medley” heard on Side 2. But these songs and the way they were put together have a surprising history, one that we dig into in this video. (Perhaps stranger than the music’s story is John Lennon’s opinion of it…)

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  1. Thanks, bastard!

    Abbey Road would have ended on that wonderful overdubbed-to-oblivion finale of She’s So Heavy had they flipped the A and B sides, but…. they certainly made the right calls on everything. I have no desire to hear a Her Majesty In The Middle mix.

    The briefly shown collage image of possible influences on The Long One included the Mothers of Invention. And, – perhaps predictably – Wiki Zappa cites Freak Out! as the major inspiration for Sgt Pepper. But that’s just what Wiki Zappa would say, no?

    1. Man, Zappa had a real love/hate thing with The Beatles, didn’t he? Makes total sense that he liked “Strawberry Fields Forever” and “I Am The Walrus,” though.

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