And Then There’s This

You don’t need a criminal lawyer, you need a criminal lawyer.

From a site I used to like, and begrudgingly still read despite its having been made a shadow of its former self by a corporate overlord a few years ago …

The season five premiere is a two-night event that begins on Sunday, February 23 at 9:00 PM ET and continues with the second episode on Monday, February 24 (preceded by a rerun of the season premiere). In the 10-episode fifth season, “Jimmy McGill’s (Odenkirk) decision to practice law as ‘Saul Goodman’ creates unexpected and profound waves of change for those in his orbit,” according to AMC’s press release.

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  1. I liked it fine, it just seemed like a normal episode of BB and not any amazing addition to the canon, which….

    **adjusts expectations**

    … at least wasn’t Thrones Final Season-ish.
    Good job everyone!

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