The Story Of Salem’s Lot

Salem’s Lot scared the living shit out of me when it originally aired as a two-part miniseries on CBS (November 17 and November 24, 1979). Please to enjoy this one-hour love letter, filled with scary clips, wise observations, and neato behind-the-scenes trivia.

In this in depth retrospective I tell the story of Tobe Hooper’s 1979 vampire epic “Salem’s Lot”, based on the novel by Stephen King. I delve deep into its development, production and legacy while providing my own thoughts on the miniseries. Starring: David Soul, James Mason, Lance Kerwin, Bonnie Bedelia, Lou Ayers, Ed Flanders and and Reggie Nalder. Written by Paul Monash and produced by Richard Kobritz. Copyright Warner Bros. Television.

Better Than a Brain Swab

Did anyone notice that Dead Stars put out a new record a couple months ago? Me neither!

This Is An Absolute Classic

As near as I can tell, Jiskefet was a Dutch sketch comedy show that came and went for 16 seasons between 1990 and 2010. Here’s their take on how British sports appear (and sound) to the rest of the world.

Fucking brilliant.