Faster, Pussycat! Flee! Flee!

Maria Alyokhina (above left), a member of Pussy Riot, has managed to escape Russia. She posed as a food carrier to get into Belarus, and then an Icelandic performance artist convinced a European country to issue her a travel document, which got her safely into Lithuania.

Great recap of the entire cloak-and-dagger operation here. After multiple instances of being jailed for proclaiming Russia’s suckitude over the past decade, she got out. The picture of relative incompetence of the authorities that she paints matches the extensive coverage on Renfield’s website.

“I don’t think Russia has a right to exist anymore,” she said. “Even before, there were questions about how it is united, by what values it is united, and where it is going. But now I don’t think that is a question anymore.”

The Icelandic performance artist was not Bjork, but being Icelandic, he is of course related to Bjork.

6 Replies to “Faster, Pussycat! Flee! Flee!”

  1. Great blargh post title.

    I hope this means we’ll once again get to hear NPR reporters say “Pussy Riot” in their NPR reporter voices.

    Everyone’s related in both Iceland and Sevier County, East Tennessee, yet Iceland is the third most literate nation in the world. Someone smarter than me needs to research why.

  2. The Republic of Monkeystador – a sovereign state, somewhat like the Vatican – has been declared a safe haven. We offer Pussy Riot asylum and free beer.

    At least that’s what I told Lady Monkeystador, whose expression leads me to believe that my noble intentions are in doubt.

  3. Glad you asked about Nadezhda.

    On her Instagram (@nadyariot) there’s a message from April 16th entitled “From Siberia With Love.” I’m pretty sure it’s intended specifically for me. I think she misses me.


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