2 Replies to “Come To Butthead”

  1. Ozark isn’t even on my list of like 15 shows I need to watch/finish. Should it be?
    I read that great article on the Netflickification of us all – “Ozark is
    Jason Bateman’s Breaking Bad cover band. Peaky Blinders is British Boardwalk Empire” – and decided that since I watched Breaking Bad, I was good.

    Feel much more guilty about Better Call Saul, whose latter seasons are racking up the praise.

    Guess I picked a bad time to start reading books again.

    1. We watched the first episode of Ozark at Droogie’s house, and then didn’t watch another for about a year. Part of my resistance was that none of the characters were likeable or had any redeeming qualities. But we picked it back up and that changed as season one progressed.

      But if you have to choose between Ozark and Better Call Saul? Definitely BCS.

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