Whoa Indeed

Paul McCartney + Todd Rundgren + Memphis = Van Duren.  Van made probably the best album from the ’77-’78 local power pop “scene.”  I use quotes because that “scene” consisted of three bands, a revolving cast of girfriends, about 20 midtown weirdos, and no clubs that would book those bands more than once.  So barely a scene at all.  Which is why everyone tried relocating, with varying degrees of failure.

Great song, although he might have overused the “whoas.”

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  1. Great song! Sounds like an exciting scene, I feel like I’m there.

    If we’ve learned anything from 70’s McCartney, it’s that you can never overuse wo wo-wo whoa, wo wo-wo whoa, my love does it good.

    And of course, “Whoa! Darling”

    *checks earpiece*

    I’m sorry – I’m being told that I’m an idiot.

  2. I really like this album! Van went through an unfortunate Panama Jack/Miami Vice phase in the late Eighties (into the Nineties), and I judged him harshly on appearance, having never heard him at that point. His band was called Good Question, which also did him no favors.

    Not too many years ago, Van and his girlfriend were playing on Bosco’s patio and I requested “Chemical Fire.” He seemed genuinely surprised, and no, he didn’t play it.

  3. Yeah, Van made ends meet by entertaining the great unwashed for years on the local restaurant/bar circuit. He was still doing it a few years ago (as you saw), but I haven’t heard how that’s panned out during COVID. He’s had his ups and downs, including a health incident that required some fundraiser gigs on his behalf, I think that was in the 90’s. A documentary came out a couple of years ago, and his albums have been re-released, so hopefully that’s helped him out. Pre-COVID there was talk of some album-related gigs and a possible tour, depending on how much interest the documentary created. I haven’t talked to anyone about it lately, so not sure where that is. I talked to him at a screening of his documentary, I’m guessing two years ago? He seemed like he was doing very well.

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