A Long Way From Yellowstone Park

Black bear spotted by a friend’s neighbor in Brentwood
by u/eh_cee in nashville

Ursus americanus is relatively unknown in these parts. I think the last one reported in Nashville was four years ago. This is from the next neighborhood over, earlier this week. This guy, or one of his friends, is showing up all over town and I’m here for it.

The two main populations of bears in the state are Appalachian and north Cumberland. They’re currently re-colonizing their old territory. Your town is next. Tie up your garbage.


A dracula movie.

No word if Renfield saves the day. Good to see the Onion Knight back on the high seas.

I Somehow Missed This One

Andrew Hickey mentioned this movie in his “Good Vibrations” episode (there’s a theremin somewhere in the soundtrack).  I could not locate it in the giant heap of cultural garbage that festers in my brain, so I looked up this trailer.  Words fail me on this one.

Mars Junction?

You couldn’t make up the Winklevi; they are so much better than satire.

I enjoy a train wreck as much as the next surly old geezer, but I have not yet sampled the Aoelan cadences of Mars Junction.


After 40+ years, this still might be the strangest cover version I’ve ever heard of anything. The re-worked lyrics, where I can understand them, are hilarious. I know only two things about the Residents: they were from San Francisco, and they had a guitarist called Snakefinger. Perhaps former Bay area Bastards can add something. According to the comments, the animation is by Ivan Maximov, a Russian. I don’t know anything about him either. As far as I know, the song and animation are unrelated, but they make a perfect match. Beyond that, words fail me on this one.


“The weird is a way to connect with the world around us and make sense of it.”

So they say at the H.P. Lovecraft festival, held recently in Providence, R.I. There were film screenings, readings, academic presentations, concerts, live podcasts, walking tours of Lovecraft’s Providence, gaming, hardly any cosplay, and a Cthulhu Prayer Breakfast.

Story here.

I like this crowd.