Mars Junction?

You couldn’t make up the Winklevi; they are so much better than satire.

I enjoy a train wreck as much as the next surly old geezer, but I have not yet sampled the Aoelan cadences of Mars Junction.

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  1. Boyle’s sublime use of understatement gives his audience credit for having a brain. I like that.

    On behalf of everyone here, I sampled Mars Junction. The only available performances on youtubs were of dubious sound quality. Perhaps that’s for a reason. Mars Junction seems to play a lot of covers. Anyway, I encountered “Don’t Stop Believin”, a song that only a few mortals should attempt to perform. I can confirm that they are, indeed, terrible.

    It occurred to me to ask “are they as bad as Razzlekhan?” – another crypto enthusiast in legal trouble, who has released unfortunate musical stylings for public consumption. After trying to calibrate my antipathies, it finally dawned on me, “can’t I just hate it all, and not worry who is worse?”

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