My Moral Compass

Monkeystador’s conceptions of truth and justice may have been heavily influenced by these shows, now that I think about it. They hit me at just the right age and I watched them all the time.

I was right angry when a new Shazam! (2019) came out and they called the main character “Shazam.”  No, you fools, he SAYS Shazam but his NAME is Captain Marvel. I can’t even with this stuff. Hollywood needs to consult me on more of its releases.

Now that I think about it, the “Seven” gods from Game of Thrones were just a variation on the six elders that advised Billy Batson: Solomon, Hercules, Apollo, Zeus, Achilles, and Mercury. Apparently Shazam! is an acronym of their names. I never knew that because we didn’t have wikipedia when I was a kid. You youngsters have it too easy.

Also, schoolteacher Andrea Thomas / Isis is highly underrated as a 1970’s pinup. All my friends were Farrah Fawcett or Wonder Woman stans, but Bionic Woman and Isis deserve some love.

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  1. Agree that Cameron was equal to the standard 70’s hotties. And far more attractive than some, like Loni Anderson, whose appeal I never understood.

  2. Nostalgia overdose!

    I met Jackson Bostwick (AKA the first Captain Marvel of the series) at a comic con when Makerbot Jr. was about 10. Bostwick was fired for no-showing during the first season, although he claims he was injured on set and hadn’t been cleared by the doctor. He was selling autographed copies of the show on DVD at the con, but was careful to explain he was selling the autograph and giving away the DVDs. He was also one of the guards in the first Tron.

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