A Long Way From Yellowstone Park

Black bear spotted by a friend’s neighbor in Brentwood
by u/eh_cee in nashville

Ursus americanus is relatively unknown in these parts. I think the last one reported in Nashville was four years ago. This is from the next neighborhood over, earlier this week. This guy, or one of his friends, is showing up all over town and I’m here for it.

The two main populations of bears in the state are Appalachian and north Cumberland. They’re currently re-colonizing their old territory. Your town is next. Tie up your garbage.

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  1. Here’s hoping you don’t meet one of these beasts personally.

    When, in a colossally ill-advised mismatch, I lived in Knoxville for a few years, there were a couple of bear maulings nearby in the Smokies. People would actually approach them and offer food. I’d never say someone deserves to get mauled by a bear….but that’s getting pretty close.

  2. In the Idaho panhandle, where I spent a significant portion of my childhood, grizzlies roam. Everyone takes bears pretty seriously. The black bears are generally smaller, but they are given their distance.

    I’m headed there in a couple of weeks, and an upstanding hunter has already self-reported that he accidentally took out a grizzly.

    I will probably obtain my huckleberries from overpriced vendors instead of picking them myself on high mountain trails featuring large, surly fauna.

  3. I just returned from the Idaho Panhandle and am filing the following bear report. The various cabin owners’ names have been semi-redacted.on this email chain. Rocky Point is basically my neighborhood:

    I just wanted to let everyone on Rocky Point know we had a black bear at our cabin tonight. He was going straight for our garbage cans. We chased him away from our cabin with bear spray but please be aware this bear is on our point. Please be careful and keep your dogs close.
    Happy 4th of July!

    Randy – Rocky Point

    Hello neighbors and a Happy 4th.
    My brother and some friends are using my cabin. They woke up this morning to find the garbage can bent out of shape and trash strewn across the driveway.
    It’s been a long time since we’ve had bears visiting us. Twenty five years ago it was rather common. As I suspect you know they don’t want to interact with humans but they do want food. Get bear proof garbage cans and make sure they are closed. Barring that you may want to put garbage indoors at night.
    And above all make sure your cabin doors are closed. God help you if they start using your kitchen.
    Enjoy our beautiful Lake!

    The bear is somewhat aggressive. It has been around our place several times, including twice in the past few days. It walked right into Rudolf’s campfire area while people were there last night. It came by our place a few nights ago and huffed at us while sitting around our campfire.

    Agree with Tom’s comment. He’s been to our place 3 times in the last week and is not afraid of humans. I’ve had my place on Rocky Point 20yrs and have never purchased bear spray until this week.

     Randy is contacting IDFW tomorrow. Because of poor garbage practices by us humans, it has become habituated to outside garbage and likely needs to be trapped and moved. Otherwise it will end up as a casualty.

    I want bears in my wild. We all can and should do a better job managing our garbage. But this guy needs to be moved.

    Approximately at 8:30 pm this evening Friday July 7th the Rocky Point Black bear visited our family. The little black bear was NOT aggressive, scared or timid. We jumped on the side by sides chasing it far off into the woods.

    Please be aware and vigilant as the bear may return simply looking for a meal. Keep your dogs close and your loved ones closer.

    Standby…. The bear just returned on our beach 9:15pm. Please be careful everyone

    I received a call from our Idaho Fish and Game officer this afternoon following up from my bear report. He was very nice and informed me if IDFG traps the bear they will kill it instead of relocating it. He is dropping off at my cabin rubber slugs to provide a non-lethal form of scaring him away. He also noted that if you are threatened by the bear you could terminate the bear (I don’t think most of us want that to happen) so please remember to keep all garbage, pet food, bird feeders, human food, etc. concealed and out of areas where it attracts bears. If anyone has questions feel free to email me.


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