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  1. I thought Season 1 was fairly epic. Billy Bob Thornton’s character was an all-timer.

    Seasons 2 and 3 blur together a bit for me, but they were great and a lot of people liked S2 better than S1.

    Season 4 was the weakest for me, but I still enjoyed it.

    1. We’ve completed AMATEOTW, Only Murders in the Building, and Mr. Inbetween (the best show you’ve never heard of, on Hulu). We’ve started The Gilded Age and The Bear, and I’ll be adding Fargo and the new season of True Detective to our list. Thanks, bastards!

      Saw a headline the other day that said the golden age or prestige television was coming to an end but I didn’t read the article to find out why …

  2. Thanks for the recs. I have yet to finish The Bear. It somehow won an Emmy for best comedy. I’m early in S2. It is not a comedy.
    I found Succession (best drama) more comedic than The Bear.

    I started watching The KIlling after a friend told me to stream it, repeatedly, over several years. I’m finally doing it! It’s riveting.

    David Chase says that the Golden Age of TV is over because they told him to dumb down his work and avoid anything that makes the audience focus. His contempt for executives at streaming platforms is magnificent.

    I’m with you: still finding great shows.

    I read some sort of Emmy breakdown lamenting that because of timing / acting categories / whatever, Better Call Saul got hosed and it’s one of the best shows EVAH. So a twinge of guilt for abandoning that (I did the same with Mad Men).

    No one has time to watch all this shit.

  3. I loved the Bear. Didn’t love season 2 as much as 1, because it just spent too much time out of the kitchen, but it was still excellent. I need to give Only Murders another try, I guess. I’m also enjoying Letterkenny. Ya tit fuckers!

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