I Somehow Missed This One

Andrew Hickey mentioned this movie in his “Good Vibrations” episode (there’s a theremin somewhere in the soundtrack).  I could not locate it in the giant heap of cultural garbage that festers in my brain, so I looked up this trailer.  Words fail me on this one.

5 Replies to “I Somehow Missed This One”

  1. Now that’s a mash-up!

    I feel like we are well within our rights to demand the following:

    Billy The Kid Vs Frankenstein’s Monster
    Billy The Kid Vs The Wolfman
    Dracula Vs Wyatt Earp
    Dracula Vs Annie Oakley and Calamity Jane
    Dracula Vs The Coward Robert Ford

    1. Back when westerns and horror movies were as popular as superhero movies these days, I’m sure it made perfect sense to somebody.

      1. It certainly made commercial sense, which is all that matters for getting a movie made. When it was released, I was 8 and no doubt the target audience. Like everyone else, I enjoyed westerns, and of course vampires were cool. I probably would have seen it if I could. Surprised I never ran across it later on late-night TV.

  2. With Peter Cushing or Vincent Price as Dracula and Don Knotts as The Coward Robert Ford. Tina Loiuse and Dawn Wells (Ginger & Mary Ann) as Annie Oakley and Calamity Jane.

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