40 Years Ago

US release was January, 1980.  Remember when album releases were Big Deals?  You anticipated them (if you were a dork and read up), had to go out and buy one, and, very occasionally, got bowled over when something came out that altered the terrain.  As did this one.

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  1. Being younger than some on this blargh, I was late to the game. I bought a copy of London Calling on cassette in 1985 (or so) because I was trying desperately to expand my teenage horizons. (And it had the coolest cover I’d ever seen.) But I’m trying to remember how I was even aware of it. Maybe a mention in SPIN?

    Brain melted on first listen.

  2. 1980 was squarely Supertramp / Styx territory for me. And definitely Air Supply slow songs at middle school mixers.

    Hard to believe I evolved into such a badass (cough).

  3. Fortunately, my brother worked in a record store back then, so I was able to snag a copy of the British release that came out a month or two earlier. Even more fortunately, I saw them preview some of the songs live in Atlanta the previous October. Unfortunately, due to a misadventure I care not to discuss, I was unable to listen with full attentiveness. I still hold a grudge against my companions of that evening.

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