Friday Parade of Zombies

These three great songs have been stuck in my head the past couple of days.  That’s a good thing, because usually my brain torments me with annoying songs, some of which I haven’t heard in decades.  Someone needs to study just what makes a song catchy in a good or annoying way.

4 Replies to “Friday Parade of Zombies”

  1. The Zombies rule so hard.

    Glad to see Odessey and Oracle make an appearance on this prestigious bloog.

    At some point, an idiot in the batshit crazy college band at my school decided that “She’s Not There” needed to be in their repertoire. They’ve rocked it for decades. The sunshine and dancing hotties make me nostalgic. They’re all on drugs.

  2. Funny how drugs improve some people and destroy others.

    As for the Zombies, yes, they rule. Probably in my all time top three along with the Beatles and Kinks.

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