Oh You Like This Version Better?

As eagerly anticipated by all bastards, the 65% more cheerful Let It Be will probably be released this spring.

With raw material comprising 55 hours of video and 140 hours of audio, there are enough untapped resources to fuel any director’s vision. Seriously: if Peter Jackson gets too WETI-Fx’y or slo-mo happy hobbit, we need to see a Wes Anderson or Christopher Nolan or David Lynch Let It Be.

2 Replies to “Oh You Like This Version Better?”

  1. Anybody who’s ever been in a band knows you spend about half the time wanting to strangle your bandmates and the other half wanting to hug them, so a better mix of dour and cheerful sounds about right. I can’t wait!

    Also, 79 years old and not a single grey hair. Amazing.

  2. That’s true most of the time, but I was once in a band that 30% of the time merely disliked each other and for the remaining 70% wanted to strangle each other. I should have done it. But thank God the Beatles didn’t.

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