Netflix and Quarantine

I guess the world is closed at the moment. What’s your recommendation for stuff to binge on Netflix/Hulu/Prime?

The Unabomber doc on Netflix is good and only a few recommendations. The Michael Hutchence documentary was a little disappointing. Birth of the Cool about Miles Davis was good.

I’m on episode 3 of You and liking it so far.

What else ya got ye bastards… I’ll also accept book recommendations

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  1. Sounds like all documentaries at Chateau Droogie. No recent nonfiction here, but curious about the McDonald’s McMillions story.

    Just finished Baby Yoda vs Werner Herzog, so way behind everyone. Outsiders, Curb, starting Westworld S2…. fairly HBO at the moment. May see if I can find Killing Eve somewhere, everyone says to watch that. Was told “I can’t believe you haven’t watched Schitt’s Creek!” Also Righteous Gemstones.

    Been reading a lot about NSAIDs and cytokine storms and the WHO, but can’t say I’d recommend that to anyone.

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