I’m not a Smiths guy, but…

…when Mrs. Renfield plays them, I always catch myself liking this one.  I love the Motown beat and the guitar part.  Morrissey averages that “love” down to a “like.”

3 Replies to “I’m not a Smiths guy, but…”

  1. This may be weird but I like it better when I don’t watch the video. In my head I imagine him singing in a less annoying fashion.

    Is there a designated time each week when emo is permitted in your household?

  2. I’ve developed a tolerance for “How Soon Is Now?” and “Panic On the Streets of London.” This one’s good too, but I won’t admit it.

  3. Monkeystador, I almost always prefer songs without video, unless the video is more interesting than the song (i.e. Robert Palmer). I find videos distracting.

    We do not have emo hour, but we have this sort of tacit understanding. To avoid chairs smashing through windows, Mrs. Renfield will listen to music I absolutely hate on earbuds or when I’m not around (which of course is never, lately). But I don’t hate the Smiths; I can tolerate them unless I’m feeling ornery. If you can ignore Morrissey (not always easy), Johnny Marr and the rhythm section are very good. Growing up with commercial radio, music snobs learn to compromise and evaulate by degrees.

    Makerbot, I like those two as well, as much as I don’t want to.

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