The Jam at the 100 Club

For whatever reason (ignorance or senility) , I don’t recall ever seeing this clip of The Jam at their ’77 peak.  It’s from the German  Punk in London documentary.  The whole documentary is available here,  but I have a feeling this Jam performance is the highlight.  Although some heavyweights are interviewed, the performance segments are mostly B-listers.

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  1. Cool! I’ll definitely be checking out the whole documentary.

    “Carnaby Street” is an odd inclusion, as it seems to be one of their lesser songs that finally saw the light of day on a box set in 1997. Maybe they wanted to include one where Foxton was singing lead?

  2. Maybe. Or perhaps they opted not to be picky about songs so they could get in and out of that place quickly with their video equipment intact.

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