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  1. I enjoy these ads, which makes me think that they don’t hit the target audience.

    If the Lincoln Project doesn’t affect the loudmouth conservative media bubble or the Congressional enablers of President Meatsweats, I’m not sure what they accomplish.

    All the conservative newspapers broke with decades-old tradition and recommended Hillary in 2016. The moderates knew back then that they had lost the party.

    Hopefully they’re smarter than I am, and are microtargeting the few districts in Michigan, Wisconsin, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and North Carolina that will decide this election. Working the margins sometimes pays off.

    Have a nice day. I’m sure I offended Johnny Rotten and Morrissey.

    1. These guys are specifically targetIng Trump, it’s not about changing the minds of voters. They run these on Fox when he’ll be watching to get in his head and distract him from what he should be focused on.

  2. O yea! You already told me that.

    Sounds like they’re taking the show on the road now:

    ”In addition to targeting the Washington media market and thus Trump himself, the project has also targeted swing states like Wisconsin, Michigan, North Carolina and Pennsylvania, and has spent money against Republican Senate candidates in Arizona, Iowa, Montana, and other states…citing scientific research indicating that fear-mongering ads might be effective with Republican voters.”

    Also does the dad in that video look like Stephen Root or is it just me?

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