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  1. It’s been rumored for at least 20 years that McCartney might be left-handed.

    Albert King impresses me:

    A pioneer of electric blues, King (who was left-handed) played a right-handed 1959 Gibson Flying V upside down, with the bass strings unconventionally facing the floor. He used an indecipherable secret tuning, hitting notes with his thumb. The six-foot-four, 300-pound King was able to bend notes farther and more powerfully than almost any other guitarist, and his records influenced a generation: Eric Clapton lifted the ”Strange Brew” solo from King, and Duane Allman turned the melody of King’s ”As the Years Go Passing By” into the main riff of ”Layla.”

  2. I don’t think I’ve ever heard that about Ringo, but I could have easily forgotten that detail in the trillions of things I’ve read about them.

    What I do remember reading somewhere is that Paul actually came up with the innovative drum part for Ticket To Ride. Johnny Thunders’ drummer used that beat to good effect here. I’m sure others have stolen it as well, but I’m coming up blank for further examples.

    Yes, Albert King was a badass.

  3. Fender created a new amp with more robust JBL’s for Dick Dale becuase none existed that he wouldn’t blow out every night. I forget which amp it was.

  4. I never picked that up in the Johnny Thunder track. Cool!

    Since I only listened to Roberta Flack and ELO in the 70’s, I came across that song for the first time in S2E11 of The Sopranos and was like “wh-what is THIS?!!” I thought I had discovered an amazing, obscure new band.

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