I got really excited for this reissue last spring, but every review I’ve seen (including this one) says these watches are a letdown. $1,000 for this?!

On an unrelated-but-equally-nerdy note, I did recently find a new keyring I really like …

6 Replies to “Disappointing”

  1. I’m all about the exquisitely crafted labor-saving key ring, and will definitely enjoy the one you send me for X-Mas.

    Sometimes I’ll be scrolling through old-timey photos and see one where I’m wearing a watch. It kindles something like flip-phone or beeper nostalgia.

  2. Definitely not a good value at $1k, but once trigger-happy Willard fans have had their fun, you’ll be able to pick one up for way less than MSRP.

  3. Mrs. Renfield wears an Apple watch. She finds it convenient for various reasons, but I don’t think I could stand one. My phone drives me crazy enough as it is. I can’t imagine wearing an extension of it on my wrist. Seems like a shackle.

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