2 Replies to “I’ve Never Felt Older”

  1. As you describe my own household, I feel overqualified to comment.

    There are some videos and shows aimed at a younger demographic than this aged bastard, where I can nonetheless see the appeal. Brainchild and Storybots rock, and if you haven’t seen Snoop Dogg guest-starring as an operating system, you’re missing out.

    There are others – a gorgonzillion of which I’ve watched – where the gist is manchild or womanchild provides inane commentary over a MMORPG like Roblox or Minecraft, or about arts / crafts / silly projects in the home. The woman above reminds me a bit of these. Not the TikTok part – which fine, whatever – but because she looks and acts like she’s 13 or 14, and is in reality 23, and has millions of views.
    For a while, our evening entertainment featured Wengie. After weeks of Wengie, I looked her up to see what, exactly, was her deal. From her appearance and various interests, and level of sophistication, I figured her for 17 or 18, and kinda harmless for the younger types.
    She’s 34. It’s creepy.

    Currently the rage is Among Us, The Funneh Krew, and Aphmau. I don’t mind them so much. But anytime I hear Preston’s voice, I make them turn it off immediately. I will not tolerate Preston.

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