New Liz Phair!

And she’s not trying to be a popstar anymore, so it’s good!

Calling Reed out for being an asshole reminded of this hilariously passive-aggressive 1974 press conference in the Sydney airport.

Enjoy or don’t!

4 Replies to “New Liz Phair!”

  1. COUNTERPOINT: Lou Reed is awesome.
    It’s great when he has to point out that there’s a difference between introverted and antisocial. The questions are so vapid.

    COUNTER-COUNTERPOINT: Lou Reed is a dick.
    Fine. I think I like this better than any other Liz Phair song I’ve heard.

  2. Everyone’s an asshole sometimes, but people subject to public scrutiny are forced to get more effective at it. That’s a talent very suited to a great songwriter. I feel like the interviewers with their loaded questions got just what they deserved.

    Fun song and video.

  3. And I’d love to see those guys subjected to their own kind of questions: “So, you’re a journalist . . . how much have you had to drink? How early do you start drinking every day?”

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